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Hunter's Moon


After centuries of war, vampires and werewolves form a begrudging truce to face the growing threat of human technology.

Hunter's Moon is a SoCal LARP set in the modern day. The plot team may be reached via email at with any questions.

Forums are available at which include a link to the current ruleset.

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A dark fantasy boffer LARP located in Southern California. Set on the lost continent of the Dying Kingdoms setting, our game tells the story of The Undying, a factionalized community of sentient undead who are struggling to carve a place for themselves in an ancient realm of corruption and evil.

We are currently in the process of revising the Beta Player's Guide for the game! In the meantime, feel free to use the Beta document to let us know the kinds of things you'd like to see in the game!

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Dying Kingdoms

The Dying Kingdoms are prehistoric lands of savage adventure. Civilizations both young and old dot the landscape, vying for supremacy, wealth, and power.

As a fantastical world, the lands of the Dying Kingdoms hold a populace of both humans and non-humans, all in different cultures with uneasy relations.

Humans have long since ascended to the fore of the world’s affairs. In the desert badlands of the west coast, huddled oasis-towns and nomadic desert tribesmen form the Ikhten lands. Once a fragmented empire under the crushing rule of despotic necromancer-kings, Ikhten has since descended into slumber and obscurity. Still, life survives in the desert. Here, the people venerate their ancestors and revere the acolytes of the sun, who shine the blessings of light on their communities. During the cold desert nights, the populace remains ensconced indoors to avoid the restless undead that still plague the lands as a reminder of the long-ago tyranny of the tainted lords.


Empty Thrones


Empty Thrones takes place in a high/dark fantasy world in the lands of Talus. Upon its shores, among its forests, and atop its mountains you will find adventure, danger, magic, and wonder. In the shadow of a once great empire, now spoken of only with bitterness and scorn, lays the fractured and scattered provinces of its people. Many of the inhabitants are merely descendants of the great nations that tore the continent apart with wars, rebellion, and strife. The heirs of a handful of cities whose power wanes while the darkness and dangers of the wilds grow with every passing moment. The people divided and afraid hold onto hope. A hope to rebuild these ruined lands into what may one day be a great nation. Yet still they fear repeating the mistakes and struggles of those that fell before them.

Fortunately a new dawn is breaking through these dark times. Champions and heroes step forward to defy the odds, protecting the people from the dangers of the wilds and the folly of dictators. Rumors are circling; a new threat lurking on the horizon. Now is the time to make a stand and forge your name into history.

How will you be remembered?


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Wyrd of Avalon


In the year 46X Arthur Pendragon finally departed our lands. Mordred's whereabouts are unknown and someone is attempting to claim the power of magic for themselves. The elegance and mystery of the land of Albion is fighting against these forces and has chosen you as one of their heroes. Will you rise to the challenge?

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Arcane Acension


Arcane Ascension LARP is an epic fantasy game with a style inspired by Japanese role-playing games and anime. It takes place in the same universe as Rendalir Remembered and Shades of Venaya, but in a different place and time.

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