Payment Plans

What is Payment Plans? Payment Plans is a payment method for purchases made on; allows customers to purchase any qualifying product and place it on "Layaway", reserving their items while they pay for their purchase in regular installments instead of all at once. 

How do I purchase through

Simply add your items to your cart, then click the blue button next to the checkout button. This will bring you to the checkout where you can create your account, set your payment plan terms, and finalize the purchase. 

When do I get my Items?

Purchases made via payment plan are placed on Layaway until the final payment is made. Qualifying purchases may be eligible to receive their products as early as the first payment. Products received before the final payment is made must be returned if the payment plan is cancelled or defaulted. Please contact for further details. 

Is there a fee? 

Yes, a 5% Service fee is applied to every payment plan. This fee is used to pay credit card processing charges to, and is non-refundable.

After three unsuccessful payment attempts, your plan will become defaulted. There is a fee of $10 to reopen a defaulted payment plan. Please contact LARP Empire BEFORE your payment is late to make rescheduling arrangements and avoid this charge.

If you wish to cancel a payment plan after the second installment is made, there may be a cancellation fee, usually equal to or less than the down payment. Please contact LARP Empire to discuss any changes you need to make to your plan.

Do I have to pay interest charges?

No, interest charges are not accrued on payment plans. 

Does require a credit check to open a payment plan?

No, does not require any credit check, and opening a payment plan does not impact your credit score. 

Do I need to create a account to open a payment plan?

Yes, an account is created as part of the checkout process. Since needs a saved payment method to process payments for your payment plan, you need to create an account to secure this information. will not sell or release your contact information, nor send you any marketing messages, and they will only contact you regarding your payment plan. 

My credit card was lost, stolen or cancelled. How can I add a new payment method?

You can have as many payment methods as you'd like on your customer account

Login to your customer portal and select the payment methods section. Please see Adding and updating payment methods for more information.

I'm not happy with a purchase I made with What can I do?

Please contact LARP Empire at to discuss cancelling or changing your purchase. 

Can I change the date of a scheduled installment?

Normally changing the scheduled date of payment requires approval from LARP Empire. But, if the date change request is within reason and the payment schedule terms are one LARP Empire has available, then a employee can change the date of a scheduled installment. Contact them via their website, or email. 

Does accept PayPal?

No, does not accept PayPal at this time.

What payment methods does accept? accepts all major credit and debit cards. also accepts ach bank transactions for payments to LARP Empire from bank accounts located in the United States. 

Can I cancel my payment plan after it has been opened?

Yes you can.

You cannot cancel a payment plan through after it has been opened.

Instead, please contact LARP Empire at if you need to cancel or refund your payment plan. Additional fees may apply.