About Us

Welcome To LARP Empire!

We are a small startup in Southern California providing you a hub for LARP crafting tutorials, DIY kits, interactive props, high-end costumes and weaponry, and all the essential supplies for a enjoying your local LARP events. 

LARP Empire is owned and managed by larpers. We spent years gaining experience points by organizing events, crafting armor and weapons, and working in the prop & costume industry. We’re excited to put that XP towards building and exploring the story of this new opportunity. 



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A word from the creator…

I have never found a better outlet for creativity nor a better environment for fostering friendship than that which is inspired by collaborative storytelling in LARP.

Together we make whole worlds from our imagination, taking mere concepts and painting them into the canvas of amazing adventures. The wonder and awe of that bitter sweet special moment each character finds near the height of their journey, and every challenge and trial endured with courage along the way, is beyond description or compare. It is not something that can be described, only experienced.

And that experience is uniquely born only when we tell these storied together. No idea or endeavor, nor sleepless night, nor endured labor of love that designers might prescribe… None of it has any merit or purpose without the talent, enthusiasm, and love shared by the community.

LARP is your stage, your moment, your story. 
Thank you for sharing it with us.

Bryan W. Bolles